Joining The Ten Stages Study starts the emotional healing process

Joining The Ten Stages Study starts the emotional healing process, if it goes well, it risks much. Basically at risk is our false self, which is all most of us have. It’s how we’ve been defining ourselves for most of our entire conscious lives – ever since we created it to fit into our childhood families. Healing attempts to help us understand ourselves and to modify this false self, to help us manifest our recovery our true self that lies underneath, dormant or partially dormant for years.We know our truth but have not been able to manifest it until now.
When this process succeeds, the consequences are great, and often seemingly negative. Becoming honest is a betrayal of all our false relationships – be they with friends, parents, partners, family members, colleagues, or with society as a whole. It throws our old dynamics into turmoil, which can be especially painful if there is much interdependency – and history.Our belief system turns upside down and now we taste real freedom and real recovery for the first time.Sometimes the truth hits like a bucket of cold water, spluttering we surface as the old gives way to the new.


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