Pre-Course recognition of the child within beginning to understand the problems of truth and trust

The child within is INTERESTED IN RECOVERY for its own sake.As a key to solving the problem of others dtysfunctioning behaviour and finally setting ourself free.
The child is DISTURBED by the concepts he/she does not understand some adult emotional concepts.
The child is damaged by the perceived REPETITIVE events of his/her life, and uses this problem to stop him/her socially learning or studying.
The child USES HIS/HER PRIMARY INTERESTS to help him/her escape back into dissociations created as a response in childhood events and thoughts.
The child directs his/her attention to things that are EASY TO UNDERSTAND as the child but difficult to comprehend as an adult fear and rage acting out.Black and white solutions
The child possesses a natural desire to lump experiences together TO CALL A GROUP PERSON/OBJECT BY ITS PARENTAL NAME.
The child uses his natural fight or flight response TO REJECT THE LIFE AROUND HIM/HER which would help him/her learn a new behaviour, withdrawing into the psyche for comfort escaping from disempowerment.
The child adds experiences to his/her social vocabulary more easily IF HE/SHE ALREADY can predict a safe, true outcome which always tends to remain problematic.
The child IMMEDIATELY USES the social experience, and his/her SUCCESS IN COMMUNICATION TO BUILD CONFIDENCE in recovery as long as the voice used is non-judgemental and non-parental

The child brings TREMENDOUS INTUITION to the task of recovery.


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